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Parenting from a place of Love

I can do this... I’ve totally got this “Motherhood - Career Woman” thing down!
These were the (perhaps overly confident) thoughts inspired by my first child. He’s always been easygoing. Mild mannered. A rule-follower. (In other words, he makes me look GOOD!!) I’ve told others God gave him to me to instill confidence as a mother. This was His way of encouraging us to have more children!

Then came our second child.

Another boy. So close in age to our first son, I assumed he’d be similar to our firstborn. But right from the start I was struck by how different their little personalities were. Strong-willed and determined. Quick to react when he’s upset. Striving to achieve perfection in the classroom. (Well, these traits sure are familiar!) In so many ways, he is the young boy version of me. And as you can imagine, while we both reach for that position of control, we often butt heads! 
I’ve jokingly told others God gave him to me to humble me.
To bring me to my knees.  To put me in my place.…

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